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The Northern California Voyagers Club is a group of people dedicated to enjoying the company of each other while riding their motorcycles. You do not have to own a Kawasaki Voyager to join the club!

We are a chapter of the American Voyager Association and we are known as the NORTHERN CALIFORNIA VOYAGERS CLUB, A.K.A.: NOR CAL VOYAGERS & NCVC. Although we are admittedly somewhat partial to the Kawasaki Voyager motorcycle, we do have other brands in our club.

We are not a brand loyal club; we accept any brand and make of motorcycle. We do however get a little picky about the riders sometimes.

We have over 60 members and their home ranges from Fresno to Sacramento and from El Dorado to the coast.

We have an event once a month and have meetings the last Saturday of every other month in Manteca (location to be identified on the Calendar).

To see where our next event or meeting is, please check the Calendar page on this site. We make up a list of events in January for the whole year. Most of our events consist of campouts through out the state. We try to camp close enough to motels so that the members who do not camp can participate in the event. We do have a few overnight events where we stay in motels. Every September after school takes up we have a 4- or 5-day tour of our beautiful state and we pick a part of the state we want to see and put it in the event schedule.

We have the WESTERN REGIONAL RALLY that is held in June of every year and it's held in a different state every year: California, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or Wyoming. We also have the American Voyager Association's annual rally, usually held in July or August. It is held on the East coast every other year and in the middle of the USthe other years. This is mostly due to a higher number of Voyager owners back east. They will be coming out west when we get enough members to support the rally.

You can contact us through this website by clicking on either the 'Membership' or 'Club Board' buttons on the left.

We have membership applications which you can download or contact the President or Vice President and they will e-mail you one or send it snail mail. Our dues are very reasonable, just $10.00 per year for one person or $15.00 per year for two in the same household. Send your dues and the application to:

Don Medina
5638 Oak Bluff Lane
Wilmington, NC 28409

Please make the check or money order out to Nor Cal Voyagers. You will receive a membership certificate, a copy of our by-laws, a membership roster, our yearly event schedule, a guide for the camper (how to pack for camping out), and several other items.

You do not have to be a member of this club to participate in our events. We love company and you are invited to come along anytime you desire.

To join the NorCal Voyagers Club please fill out our registration form:

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and submit to the address on the document.