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Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                                                 January, 2001
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Hi all,
Welcome to the December issue of the NorCal Voyagers Club Newsletter.  I am happy to help centrally locate information for our group by maintaining the newsletter and website, but I need your help to do so.  Please help by contributing interesting things you may come across about Voyagers and any other motorcycle related references you find.  I am not known for reading a lot of trade rags so those of you that are avid readers are welcome to send in copies of interesting articles that I can publish in this newsletter.  Please be sure to include any disclaimers that are necessary for republication of the article (magazine name, date etc.)  If you can provide it to me in a text format of any kind I should be able to manage it.  If you have pictures you want me to include please feel free to mail those to me and I can scan and return the pictures to you.



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Message from the President
Uncle Ray

Hello Friends and NCVC/ AVA members.  I have been mulling over what to say for this month and I can't think of too much that hasn't already been covered.  I suppose I could remind you that you need to cast a vote in the ballot for the board members who have volunteered to serve you this coming year. I know it seems foolish to vote for someone when they have no competition, but in order for us to legally represent you as board members we have to be voted in by a majority of the members. If you remember when we started this chapter I told all members & prospective members that the board were just in an acting status until we could hold and election.  Well here is your election so now we need for you to vote, hanging chads and dimples pregnant or otherwise will not count.
Now I would like to remind you of the AVA rally in Red River New Mexico July 24 - 25  & 26,  I am planing to go and am going unless I turn my toes up before than, The So Cal Voyager Club is going to ride along with us and we are working on a chapter up in Washington State to see if we can meet up with them somewhere in Utah, If you have any idea you might be going I would strongly suggest you make some reservations ASAP, And if something comes up you can't make it you can always cancel the reservation, I have planed out a route going to the north where it will be a lot cooler than down through the south, It's a little farther but a lot cooler, If any of you want to ride along with me I would love to have you, Or if you would rather ride your own ride that's fine too, But we would like to meet up with you before we go into Red River, We would like to pull into town all in one bunch and try to make an impression on the AVA group. We have plenty of time for planing but please make your reservations early.
I would like to take a few seconds here to say thanks to all the members who have volunteered to serve on the board.  It is hard anymore to find someone who will volunteer their time to any organization, Therefore I feel extremely lucky to have such a capable and energetic group of people to serve on the board of this chapter. I would also appreciate it if you the members would let them know they are appreciated by you. And while we are on the subject I would like to thank Stuart Bowen and his lovely wife Mary-Anne for volunteering to set us up a web site and also to produce the newsletter for us.  Please send some information for him to publish from time to time.  We will have a very nice newsletter if we can keep him busy and the way to do that is to feed him information, (The guy loves it). A little thank you once in a while would probably make him feel good too.
That's about it for now, Hope every one has a wonderful holiday season and I just know the little fat guy is going to bring you what you've been wanting for a long time.

(Uncle) Ray Walls
President NCVC

Clarence Greer (CG)Vice President
Lee House Treasurer
John Adkins Tour Director

Doris Brubaker 

Dear Fellow Nor-cal Members, 
My name is Doris Brubaker or you can call me "Wife".  I hope to be the club secretary and I welcome anyone else to be added to the ballot.  My husband is Don Brubaker or you can call him “Husband" or anything else your heart desires.   I work for the Placer County Probation Dept. as a Deputy Probation Officer.  I work mostly with teenagers and young adults.  I love my job and I'm damn good at it.  My job is not to get these kids in trouble, my job is to help them get through the trouble they are in and hope they don't commit anymore crimes. 
I live with "Husband, dog and cat.  Also our return edition to the household is our only son Lee who we refer to as Child".   I never did care much for motorcycles when I was younger (this may have something to do with the fact that at the age of 12 or so, my 2 older sisters tied me to a tree and then used the family motorcycle to pretend they were going to hit me with the damn thing).  However when I met "Husband" he talked me into trying and I have my own license to drive a motorcycle but I've found that I prefer riding on the back of "Husbands" bike more because I can sleep better.  Every year we go on the motorcycle for our vacations and we have been blessed to be able to see how truly beautiful our United States is.  I would like to take a trip to Hawaii some day and "Husband" has promised me we will as soon as they build a bridge so we can get there on our 1300. 
"Husband " and I are long time members of the AVA and IBMC as well as "The Historical Society of Germans from Russia", the "Veterans of Foreign Wars" and the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society" and a few more that I can't remember at this time.  We care about a lot of different causes and we try to be of help to as many that we possibly can. 
Joining the Nor-cal club was one of the best choices we could have made.  I love all of our new buddies we have met and they have made us feel very welcomed in to the club.   (I love you guys!!!!  You know who you are!!!!)  I look forward to all of our future adventures with the club and meeting all of the members. 
Thanks for taking the time to know me better...... 
          Doris AKA   "Wife" 

Don Brubaker 
Tail Gunner/Referee

 My name is Don Brubaker and I will be your Tail Gunner/Referee for awhile. I am currently assigned to the Security Team for I.T. at Placer County. I was plied with alcohol and my arm was twisted to VOLUTEER for this job. (It was a good party!) I live with my wife, Doris, and my dog and cat in Lincoln, Ca. I have been riding since the age of 14 (Sears 120cc) and currently own a 1300. Bought my first 1300 in ‘86 and am now on my fifth one. (Even talked my brother-in-law into   buying one) Doris and I both work for the county and are able to take a month off for vacation, which we do. All of our vacations since ’86 have been on a Voyager and are planned around a motorcycle rally, and boy do we enjoy our selves. (Blue Ridge Park Way was GREAT). 
We are long time members of the AVA and the IBMC. We are on our second Kwik-Kamp trailer and would rather camp than stay in a No-tell/Motel. Normally, Doris and I prefer to ride alone. But this Nor-Cal group is fun to be with. Don’t know much else to say  except please do not believe anything that these people have to say about me, there all lies. That guy who woke up half the motel in Merced was my evil brother. (Told you it was a good party!) 
Thanks for reading, 


Commentary from Robert Webb
I just wanted to thank everyone who joined our little club this year.  We are spread out by GREAT distances so it is hard to get a lot of people together in one spot at a time. We have done it 3 or 4 times this year and all riders had a SUPER time when they showed up. 
Winter time REALLY makes it even harder but their are still a few who get together for their own LITTLE rides. Last Sunday I met with fellow Voyager riders for a little breakfast/lunch ride to Rio Vista. We consisted of myself, Jerry from Concord, and Robert from Concord. We went to a bar/restaurant there that is famous all over the State. It has mounted animals from all over the world. It has THE largest mounted elephant in the world. It cost $4000 in 1931 to have it mounted. Maybe we can get together this summer and we can ALL go there to check it out.  There is a state park close to camp at and a few hotels for those that don't camp and it is only about 45 minutes from OLD SACRAMENTO via back roads that follow the River. It would be a nice weekend ride with lots of places to see and rides to go on. Well talk about it latter when summer arrives. 
The thing that I've noticed most is that we don't have but a few riders that attend our rides. How come? Are we out of your area? Are we not going where you want to go. We don't know where you want to go unless you tell us. We are always open for suggestions for places to ride. If you're not into camping, we can do day rides somewhere. Speaking of camping, you DON'T know what you’re missing. Ray Walls SPOILED the HEL! Out of the women that show up. He won't let them raise a hand to do anything except lounge around and get pampered by the men. It is sort of an unwritten rule for our club. If the women come, they DON'T work. That's the men’s job for a change. We do the cooking, cleaning, and dishes. Hell! it's worth going camping just to see the men working so hard. 
Well, that's enough for now. Oh, BTW, My trailer is FINALLY registered and my Voyager has a NEW hitch and air shocks.  Get involved and you will enjoy our club even more than you ever thought possible. We are a REAL GOOD GROUP of PEOPLE.
Happy Trails to all and to all a good night.

Robert Webb
Northern California Voyagers Club
AVA #4034
NCVC #0002
SCV #0013


JAN 14TH, 2001 11:00 AM

TIME: JANUARY 13, 2001
CONTACT: 800-962-9857
Wall to wall custom bike show, live music, motorcycle accessories, calendar girl contest, door prizes, tattoo artists, Easyriders fashion show. Located at Sacramento Convention Center.

TIME: JULY 06, 2001
CONTACT: 831-634-0777
The West Coast's largest Motorcycle Rally filled with vendors, bike shows, entertainment, and thousands of bikes!

TIME: July 24 - 26, 2001

Report by CG Greer 
Greetings everyone from Fresno. We had a great party at John and Dottie's house in Merced but it would have been better if we had more people there. We got two new members who joined. Fritz Well and Timothy Waters who battled the elements to get to the party. 12 people showed up and the food Dottie served was outstanding. Nominations were held and as follows.  President Uncle Ray Walls V. P. Clarence Greer, Treasurer Lee House, Tour Director John Adkins, and Secretary our own little Doris Brubaker, Tailgunner Referee none other than Don Brubaker. These are people who volunteered some with a little arm-twisting including yours truly. They are nominations only and must be elected. If there are anyone out there interested in being on the ballet please let me know. I would welcome another candidate for VP and I guarantee we will count the ballets only once and not challenge the count as in Florida. 
See Ya. Merry and Happy New Year 


Ronald McDonald Toy Run
Report by Robert Webb

 Hello Voyager Riders. 
 Just a short story on OUR December 9th Ronald McDonald TOY RUN. 
It started on a cold, gray, gloomy Saturday morning at 10:00 AM. My wife Shirley and myself were loading our bike with toys and getting our daughter Lori ready on her Harley. We were joined by our son, Tom and our granddaughter, Ashley on his Suzuki 650. We left for the Harley dealer in Fairfield to join the rest of our group. When we arrived, Jim and Dennis were there waiting for us on their Voyagers. We arrived just in time to get in line to leave. We left the lot at 11:00 AM and rode to Dixon for breakfast/lunch. After getting our  tummy's full, we went to the next starting point and got in line just in time to leave again. (It seems like we were always there just in time). We left for Sacramento with our two motorcycle escorts, who were there on their own time. I only saw the two of them but you would have thought there were at least 6 the way they controlled traffic for us. We arrived in Sacramento at around 1:30 at the Ronald McDonald house. We were greeted by Ronald himself on a gas driven scooter waving a flag, and a whole parking lot full of children.  What a beautiful site. We dropped off the presents after getting a parking place. After that, we mulled around taking pictures. I got Ronald to get on my Voyager with my granddaughter Ashley for a couple of pictures. THEN THE FUN BEGAN. Ronald asked ME to lead the parade of bikers who wanted to give the kids rides. I was more than willing to do just that. I got to be the first in line, followed by Voyager two, Jim, and Voyager three, Dennis. We gave rides for about and hour or more then we had to leave. My son said he stayed and helped with putting helmets on the kids until they ALL had a turn. It was a fun day for all of us that went and we all agreed to do it again next year. I hope everyone else in our club can join us next year.




For Sale
1995 Honda Civic EX Coupe 2 door, This car is fully loaded it has A/C P/S  P/W  P/DL  T/W  C/C   AM /  FM Cassette  Dual Air Bags -  Moon Roof  -  Rear Spoiler Premium Wheels ,  Tinted  Windows ,  Power Brakes , 1.6 L  16 valve Vtec  4 cyl Engine,  A/T  FWD  And a well maintained 64,400 miles, The car has almost new tires F & R and had new brakes installed in Sept 2000, I have the receipts for every thing that has ever been done to this car, The car belongs to my sister in-law she  is a 62 year old school principle  in Petaluma Ca, She bought a new car and wants to sell this one,  High B/B is $ 11,550.00  and the low is $ 8,285.00 , She is asking $10,500.00.  The car is extremely clean In & Out and would make a perfect graduation gift for some young person, If you are interested in this car please call for Ray Walls  @ 559-227-3045, Or e-mail me at, To view the car come to 2019 E Princeton Ave Fresno Ca,  (CALL FIRST).

Safety Tip StuBow (Cold Hands)
We have all ridden in cold weather and despite having heavy gloves, possibly including extra liners, those fingers get too cold and begin to numb. (By the way, I have found that silk liners offer better cold weather protection than heavier cloth liners.)
So, what to do about it?
Here is a tip that my partner, Elaine Anthony, came up with a couple of years ago when we were out on the last leg (612 miles) of a week on the road and it was so cold that our fingers began to get numb. We pulled to the side of the road, got off our bikes, and dug into our first-aid kits. We pulled out a set of latex gloves and put them on over the liners, then put our regular gloves on over the latex gloves. It's amazing how effective that simple idea turned out to be.
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Other Important News

Membership dues for 2001 are due in January.  If you are an existing member please submit your dues to Lee House via Snail mail at 
P.O. Box 12703, Fresno, California, 93778-2703
Be sure to include something defining who you are.  Dues are $10.00/single and $15.00/couple.

Absentee Ballot Cast your vote before 1/15/01
We will be holding an absentee ballot on the web at .  Currently there are no contenders so vote for the following or send a vote for Other.  If you do not have access to the web please send a handwritten ballot to Stuart Bowen at:
34 Southfield CT.  San Jose, CA 95138 

Press Ray Walls (Uncle Ray)
VP Clarence Greer (CG)
Treasurer Leeland House (Lee)
Tour Director John Adkins
Referee Don Brubaker
Secretary Doris Breaker

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